ByDrew P


We stand for equality, peace and the environment. We support a National Living Wage and the Legalisation of Drugs. We will provide free Higher Edcuation and Scrap Trident. We promise to protect both animal and human rights while defending the earth from corporate greed and destruction.

This is the manifesto of The Beach Party.

The text in this document may be reproduced free of charge in any format or medium provided that it is reproduced accurately and not used in a misleading context.

DRUGS should be legalised and taxed. It’s been estimated that we could raise an extra £6bn in tax revenue each year just from weed. It’s never killed anyone, unlike tobacco and alcohol and the cannabinoids have been proven to have a great many medical uses. Legalisation would make it possible to regulate the more dangerous strains of skunk and allow people to know exactly what is in the products they are buying. The active components of magic mushrooms, psilocybin has been found to treat alcoholism and other addictions yet to this day they are still illegal. It’s about time we woke up and realised that making drugs illegal doesn’t stop people taking them, and it actually makes the whole situation worse. Across the world we can see the benefits of legalising drugs. This ensures that the drugs are safer, and organised crime no longer makes any money from controlling their supply.

TAX religious corporations like every other business. The church makes billions and doesn’t contribute a penny back to society. Is that really what Jesus would have wanted? And other business that currently refuse to pay their fair share of taxes like Google, Facebook and Starbucks will simply lose their licence to operate and have their assets frozen until they agree to stop screwing over the little guys and gals if the Beach Party was in charge.

WAR. What is it good for? Absolutely nothing? Except maybe, destabilising foreign governments while allowing western corporations to steal resources and wealth. I don’t know how much oil your country has, but I promise I will not bomb anyone to make myself rich. I would in fact take us in the other direction, scrap trident and save the country a few hundred billion pounds. I’d also pull out of NATO. Under Article 13 [of the NATO founding charter] there is a possibility for an ally to cease to be a party to the treaty, and declare the UK a neutral state.

EDUCATION should be free. It’s getting ridiculously expensive so I would also provide free edcuation to everyone, regardless of age, sex, race or religion.

The NHS is being destroyed, underfunded and sold off which is a terrible for society. Standards slip as the price of services goes up resulting in unnecessary suffering and death for lots of poor people who can’t afford private health care. We believe our government needs to put human health and well-being before private profit of the few.


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