Our Democracy Is A Joke

ByDrew P

Our Democracy Is A Joke

We tried to register The Beach Party to run in the General Election this summer, but the electoral commission said no… Because we’re too late! Even if we had enough money to register when the general election was announced, that still wouldn’t have guaranteed they’d have had enough time to process the application for a new political party to run. Jesus, how long does it take to check that no one else wants to run with the name #TheBeachParty ?

I did try to register just after I heard the news that the General Election was going to be held this summer, but I was told by the electoral commission that I couldn’t, because I didn’t have enough money… They also said that I had until the middle of May to raise enough money to register The Beach Party. Well, I have enough money now, but apparently it’s too late.

I understand why this is the case because our whole electoral system is a joke. It’s designed to effectively stop ordinary people from having a voice. The recent local elections were rigged. The system is designed to look like people have choice, but in practice it’s doing exactly the opposite. Each voter got a second choice, but if their second choice wasn’t either of the top two first choices, it didn’t count. This is fine for the top two parties, both of which represent the interests of the super rich, but the rest are fiendishly being ignored. This is scandalous! If Tory and Labour candidates come first and second, then all other second choices are disqualified.

This whole system is a smokescreen for a system which in every case will exclude any third party who would be acceptable to more of the electorate than either of the two top poling candidates.

Even if the electoral commission decided to bend their silly rules and let The Beach Party run in the general election this summer (they won’t) then nobody I actually know, would be legally allowed to vote for me. It’s utter madness. We have a system saying you can only vote for your local constituency. OK, but this means as the leader of The Beach Party, that not one of my friends or family would be allowed to vote for me or the beach party. Why? Because they all live more than two miles from my house. This isn’t democratic.

For our party to be allowed to run in the whole of the UK, so that everyone who wanted to, would legally be allowed to vote for the beach party, we’d have to pay £500 for every constituency, which adds up to £325,000. Did you know it costs well over a quarter of a million pounds just to enter the general election race? This is ridiculous, but I guess it’s a very simple and effective way to stop any poor people ever becoming the PM.

Then the votes are split so the smaller parties never win any power, even with lots of votes behind them. During the last election, the Greens and UKIP had about 5 million votes between them, and only won one seat each in the House of Commons. Yet labour and the consertavities averaged about 30,000 votes per seat they won. This system we have is utter rubbish.

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